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My rabbits diet

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QUESTION: Hi cat.. I have a minilop bunny.. He's around 7 months old now..
I noticed that he doesn't want to eat his pellet these days
Recently i changed his food cause the shop has limited stock for the regular one
The brand is just the same..
He still eats his hay n drinks a lot of water..
He's an active bunny so maybe the water thing is okey
I just want to make sure that he's fine and i'll find a way to get his regular pellet
Do i have to concern about this?
It doesn't happen to my other bunnies
And i noticed that i can hear the sound when he's peeing, is it normal? Usually i don't hear anything

I hope u can reply and answet my question
It is really hard to find a vet around my area
And he doesn't want anyone to handle him
I adopted him when he's around 2 months ( he used to live with 4 cats)

Thanks, michelle :)

ANSWER: Hi Michelle

It's good he's still active and eating hay and water, provide him with a variety of hays (meadow, Timothy and orchard grass can all be free fed).

I would see I you can find a vet to check his back teeth though. Going off hard food can be one of two things, bad teeth or fussy rabbit! Hoping the latter. Now he's pretty much adult he only really needs a handful of pellets once a day. If he is just being a fussy bun you could do some research on pellet-free diets. He would need supplementing with various wild plants and herbs. I would recommend getting his molar teeth checked first though.

Good luck!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks Cat !!

i'm trying to find another brand of pellet.
one more question.
i just moved to a 4 seasons country, what should i provide for him in winter
and can rabbits wear collar?

one of my bunny doesn't want to eat pellet. what should i do?

Sorry I only just saw your edit!

With regard to winter, as long as it doesn't drop below -10C for any long period the bun should be fine. You can buy things like Snugglesafe heat pads to keep them toasty and they must have access to big fluffy hay beds to burrow into too.

And no collar! Rabbits can easily hang themselves with collars as they have very fragile necks.

Hope I helped!