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Rabbit pellets

22 9:38:05

I am always concerned about the ingredients in rabbit pellets. The one I am using now I believe is pretty good but I was hoping to get a second opinion. I have a 1yr old male holland lop and here is a list of the ingredients.

Hi Tara

You are right to have some concern over ingredients of pellets. The one you are using is certainly not the worst I've seen! I would question the addition of extra salt and also beet pulp is a substitute for sugar. It's still not the worst I've seen though. Adult rabbits should only be getting pellets as a small supplement to hay diet, so only really need roughly a handful a day depending on the rabbit's size.

This has a good dry food comparison on it, albeit most of the pellets are European as the website is based in the UK, but it will give you a good idea!

This website by reknowned rabbit vet, Frances Harcourt Brown, also has some interesting insights into proper rabbit diet:

Hope those help!