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About how old is she?

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Hello, I have a Female Mini Rex Bunny that i got from a local pet store (she was rescued from a bunny mill)
I am not sure how old she is,and i got her about 3 weeks ago, so I was hoping that you could possibly estimate her age from her size?

Dear Ashlee,

Even really *expert* rabbit folks cannot really accurately age a bunny without seeing the bun in person.  A good way to find out in retrospect is to start a regular regimen of weighing her weekly, and measuring her body length and head length in a consistent way.  You can even draw a chart.  Rabbits usually stop growing in frame at the age of about a year, and then they simply "fill out."  When her body size stabilizes, you can assume she's about a year old, and count backwards.

Most bunnies sold in pet stores are anywhere from 4-8 weeks old (though they are too young to be weaned before 8 weeks).  If I could see her in person I might be better able to guess.  But with rabbits it's always just that:  a guess.

In any case, I'm glad she found a wonderful forever home with you!  She's gorgeous.