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Severe Jaw Abscess

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Jaw Abscess Rescue
Hello Dana,

I have read the online articles regarding jaw abscesses and successful eradication with PenG (bicillin) therapy.  I have a young, rescue rabbit who was found a month ago with an enormous abscess that wrapped around the side of her cheek and down underneath her front teeth.  It was lanced in about five places, flushed and left open to drain.  She was put on Baytril and Duplocillin (penG combo)and has had a second lance done along with several laser treatments a couple weeks ago.  The side is now mostly fibrous/scar tissue, but the under her chin part is filling back up and draining out her bottom incisors.  Her vet wants to pull the bottom incisors and continue with the drugs and lancing.  I have suggested a full dental x-ray as well.  Can you recommend any other treatment (keeping in mind this is a rescue rabbit with limited funds) and do you recommend extracting the teeth?  She is eating pellets and cut up veggies, but not hay or anything she has to chew with the front teeth.  Her energy level is good and the output is surprisingly good considering the lack of hay in her diet.

Thank you.  

Dear Caroline,

Removing the teeth *might* remove the nidus of the infection and allow the antibiotics to kill off the last of the bacteria.  But if she is continuing to improve with the antibiotics, then you might ask the vet about waiting to see if this will resolve.  Possibly ask about changing the Baytril to something with longer "hang time" such as zeniquin. We've seen very good results by combining these two antibiotics.

If the antibiotics have been stopped, then all the more reason to continue them until this abscess is entirely resolved. Some rabbits are on this combination for months, and it can take time and patience for such a massive infection to be healed.

Good luck!