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Huge Sore on Rabbits neck, Rabbit keeps biting it.

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Months ago my rabbit had a little sore on his neck. Just a little red one. We talked to our vet and he said just to put neosporin on it. Which we did. Then everything seemed fine.
Now this morning my mother noticed it had gotten worse, and I wasn't told until later on today. I went and looked and it was HUGE and grotesque looking! Skin seems to be missing and there is blood. My mother, has waved it off and said there was probably nothing we could do but keep putting neosporin on it and calling a vet. I called, but the vet isn't there right now. So I'd VERY much appreciate opinions on what to do. I personally want to take him to the vet asap, but right now I cannot. Is there really nothing we can do other than put that stuff on it?

My mother thinks it got irritated because of his water bowl being a little high up. And he's gone and licked it raw and will not stop.

Dear Jessica

This is a horrible wound, and your bunny needs to be seen by a rabbit-savvy vet immediately.  The vet may wish to put him on antibiotics and possibly debride and then cover the wound so he can no longer worry at it.

A wound like this often starts up because a rabbit has a dental malocclusion that causes sharp spurs to develop on the molars, as you can read here:

This causes the bunny to drool, and caustic saliva collects under the chin, burning it and causing irritation.  As the bunny licks and chews at the wound, the cycle gets worse until you get the type of horrific wound your bunny now has.

Neosporin will not fix this.  Your mother should not be so cavalier.  If *she* had a wound like this on her throat, would she just slap some neosporin on it?  I doubt it.  I suspect she'd be at the doctor's immediately.  And your bunny deserves no less.

PLEASE check the rabbit-savvy vet list linked here:

and find a vet who can not only treat this wound properly, but also check the molars for the spurs that may be generating the problem in the first place.

I hope you can do this VERY soon, and I hope this has helped you to urge your mother to do the right thing.