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injured stray rabbit

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her left hind foot
her left hind foot
We found a stray white rabbit a few days ago, and she seems to be doing well. She's eating, and doesn't seem to have any problem except that she's limping a bit because of an injured foot which I think is missing a couple of toes. I'm not sure whether the foot is infected or what.

My parent don't want to take her to the vet yet in case it will get better, because they think it's just a wound that will heal in time from a dog or cat that tried to take a bite out of her, not to mention they think I'll be overly expensive to see a vet if it's not that serious. I'm not so sure, because the wound is black with some pink on the edges, and the black crust just seems unusual to me. She's very tame, and I think she used to be a pet rabbit, but I have searched, and haven't found any lost rabbit notices.

I would appreciate it a lot if you could tell me whether her foot is seriously injured, or if it will heal in time. I've attached a photo of it. Thanks in advance.

Hi Catherine:

First, I would like to apologize for the delay in answering your question.  I had clicked on an image which was in a question asked by another person and the image was actually a link to a virus which disabled my computer for the past week. I lost EVERYTHING I had.  Both sad and frustrating. I'm back, with a new and virus free computer and ready to start helping again. :)

The image shows a very badly infected wound that is most likely beyond treatable.  It's possible that strong IV administered antibiotics from a vet *might* help save the foot, but not likely.

If the foot is not amputated (removed) the infection will get into the bloodstream and the rabbit will die.

The only choices are to have the foot treated and/or removed by a veterinarian or have the rabbit put to sleep.  The wound is too severe for any home remedy.