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Questions about my rabbits behavior

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Hi i adopted a bunny in august 2012. Shes 3 years old. When we first got her she was very sweet. After about 2 months shes got very aggressive and shes not as friendly. I have 1 other rabbit and we thought maybe she could be lonely so we put them together and all they did was fight so they've been Sperated ever since. Cadico was an outside bunny but where we live it gets -40 in the winter. So shes been inside for about 3 months now. She has a nice big cage, i will sit on the floor with the cage door open and let her out. She will jump out then jump back in and never really come out for more than 5-10 min. Lately shes been growling when i need to take her out and clean her cage. She has bitten me a couple times. She now is so unfriendly and getting very aggressive and she is spayed. We don't no what to do. Can you give me some advice?

Dear Cassidy,

I think if this were my bunny I would get her to a very rabbit-savvy vet and have a complete wellness exam done including (1) complete blood chemistry and cell count, (2) complete, deep-oral dental exam, (3) overall body check to see if she might have a foreign body or something causing her pain.

This sounds as if she is reacting to discomfort, and it might be as simple as finding what's bothering her and treating it.  I would rule out medical causes first, and then move on to the behavioral.  This just sounds too suspiciously like a bunny who is feeling miserable for some unknown reason.  Especially the part about her not wanting to come out of her cage.

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Hope this helps.