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Bunny with broken leg - follow up

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Day 7
Day 7  
Hi Dana
Thanks for answering my previous question. I took my bunny to the vet again today. The vet took another x-ray and adjusted the splint. I'd like to share a couple of xrays with you- one taken last week on the day of the accident and the other taken today. They have been taken from different angles but the bones seem to be better aligned now. The vet mentioned that the swelling has reduced and suggested that we wait a few more weeks before deciding whether to amputate the leg. I also noticed that my bunny is a bit quieter today and not eating as much as before, could it be that the new splint feels uncomfortable as she is not used to it? She is still on Tramal twice a day so I am wondering whether she is in pain. I really hope she hasn't given up yet as we certainly haven't given up on her. Thanks for your advice!

Dear Indri

Man.  That looks awful.  Poor bunny!  I hope the new alignment is working better.  Has her appetite returned?  If not, then please read:

as pain and stress can elicit ileus, in which normal peristalsis stops (or slows down severely), causing inappetence and misery.  It can lead to life-threatening complications if not treated.

As long as the leg remains warm and has sensation and seems viable, I'm with the vet.  Give it a chance to knit before making that final decision to amputation.

I hope things go well.