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splay leg bunny

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Kala the splay leg bunny
Kala the splay leg bun
Hay! this is my question; i have a splayed leg bunnies at home (3 of them, and they all have all 4 legs splayed out). I'm bonding there legs together with a string and because they are only 5 weeks old I'm hoping it can be fixed. I'm just not sure how long i can tie them. can they be like that the whole day? even during the night? or for just a few hours?

Dear Marta,

I hope the instructions here will help:

The braces should not be removed until the babies are grown and the legs are staying straight and in a normal position without the braces.  If you remove the braces and the legs are still splayed, then put the braces back on.

Be sure to provide a good traction surface, since slippery floors are a major cause of splayleg in baby bunnies.

I hope this helps.