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Pet Rabbit has lumps/swellings on Cheeks

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Hello Alice!

I have a Holland Lop male, 9.5 years old--"Scooter". He has had molar issues in the past -- he has gotten trims every 3-6 months for the past 2 years.  He also has a chronic ear infection, and is EC positive. He was on Panacur at different times, but his symptoms subsided so we took him off (with vet's OK).  He is currently on metacam ( and sulfatrim 2X for his ears.

The question is on his cheeks.  About 6-7 months ago, I noticed that small 'bumps' had occurred. These are not the ones that have what we call the 'waxy cheek plugs", but are more perhaps like swellings.  They do vary in size and are on both cheeks.  I have tried looking at them close, but there is no apparent redness.  Also, he has had runny eyes for about 1 year.

The vet did look at these bumps about 4 months ago. She initially thought it was a sort of virus, but then she said she really wasn't sure what it was.  He also happens to have a moveable lump on his upper front left leg.  Fluid was taken out when he was under at his last molar trim -- it wasn't biopsied but the vet said it was very hard, but did not show any white cells.  

She was thinking that this might be the same thing as the ones in his cheeks, but I am unsure. I am concerned it could be a tooth root issue manifesting itself. About the virus theory... she indicated it usually went away by itself.

Scooter is eating, pooping, and playing very well.  But I do know that bunnies can hide pain and illnesses.

Is there any insight you can provide on this? I will have it relooked at when I go back to the vet, but I wanted to know if there is any self-help that can be done, or if this sounds potentially serious.

Thank you very much for your help.


Rabbit Molar Abscess
Rabbit Molar Abscess  
Hi Connie

I am wondering if perhaps your bunny is having molar issues again and that these aren't abscesses. The different sizing of the lumps would also make sense if this were the case.

Is your rabbit veterinarian in fact a vet that routinely treats rabbits and not one that treats only in emergencies? has listings for rabbit savvy vets across Canada and the US and beyond. I would make sure because I thought this would have been something obvious that you didn't mention was ruled out.

Abscesses can be hard feeling like almost bone at times. Sometimes they will appear to have yellow pus underneath it. Sometimes the abscess will be hairless and appear crusty and painful, or they might appear just as a lump. Rabbit pus is extremely thick and it leads to rabbits having a tendency toward developing them.

Other causes need to be examined as well and you should really consider getting a second opinion by a vet found on the listing on

Go to and type in rabbit abscesses. Most of them are molar abscesses because it is such a common occurrence in rabbits. Note the appearance of them with and without fur.

One more thing... look inside the rabbits mouth and note if he has anything appearing out of usual. Broke teeth, abnormal color to the gums, cheek, or if the abscesses are visible from the inside.