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Is this a meat rabbit breed?

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big doe
big doe
This doe is a large rabbit.  Can you tell if she's a mix or a pure breed?  She's not as blue as the picture.  I'm guessing she's about 8 pounds or so.

Hi Tom:

Based on the color, the rabbit is not pure-bred.  I'd say it's a mixed breed that appears to include Creme D'argent and possibly Flemish giant, with a hint of American Blue -  but without seeing it in person - its hard to say for sure.

As far as it being a meat breed - all rabbits are made of meat and therefore can be a meat breed :#

I mean that in a serious way; any breed of rabbit can be eaten.  The difference between the breeds commonly kept as pets vs. those commonly raised for meat are things such as weight of the adult, meat to bone ratio and how fast the kits #baby bunnies# grow once born.  There is zero taste difference between common pet rabbits and those bred for meat.

The most common meat breeds are New Zealand Whites, Californians, Silver Fox and Satins.  The rabbit in the photo is not any of these.

However, those who raise pet rabbits such as mini-lops, still use the culls #those that have physical defects or cant be sold) for meat; it just might take a bit longer for the rabbit to reach butcher size.

If you are interested in raising meat, I'd suggest that you breed her and see what results you get.  Sometimes, the right mixed breed can be one of the best meat rabbits - it happens.

Keep in mind, if you adopted her from a rescue, there's a very good chance she is spayed and not able to breed.

Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

Lisa L.