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Very Urgent, its weekend, no vet available.

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2nd poop
2nd poop  
Yesterday my rabbit who is about 4 months now started eating lesser than usual and pooping very little too but he peed normally. Today he has not pooped or peed at all the whole day including the whole night before. He just pooped a little and it came out really black then a few min later he pooped a little again except this clear mucous came with it. I am feeding him lots of water and hay now because the whole day he was barely eating unlike his usual self. Recently before this incident he wouldn't really eat as much hay he'd eat more pellets I'd feel like n fresh vegetables like lettuce and some small carrots here and there. But lettuce is his favorite. Today he had lettuce but not as much as usual. He's been active like he usually is and sleeping in his comfortable position. So it's not gas. But he just slept for a long time and he seems to want to sleep some more. But then suddenly he got active again late night tonight. I'm worried about the poop. Please see attached picture.

Dear Farhan,

The mucus is a sign of enteritis:  inflammation of the intestinal lining.  There are multiple reasons this could happen, and you'll need to see your rabbit vet as soon as possible to be sure the underlying condition is treated.  But for now, please read these articles so you'll know what to do until you can get to your vet:

and for information on intestinal problems in rabbits, this might help:

Very important to take the temperature, as this can be a very good indicator of what is going on.  Instructions can be found in the first article above.

The second article will help with instructions for how to get the GI tract moving again.

Use the list linked here to find a vet who might be open today:

I hope your bunny will be fine.