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help please!

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hi, my rabbit has had babies about 2 weeks ago, 2 of them are big and fat, but ones smaller and got an eye infection, i think it mite be a peanut as they are netherland dwarfs, but ive reseached and theryre only supposed to live a couple of days, shes got a full tummy and ive seen the mother feeding her, shes also very lively? ive recieved eye dropd and she said it should be fine, but im just worried shes a little too small?? i could send pictures of her, mother and father if needed? could you please help? thankyou!

ANSWER: Hi Belinda,

Are the ears set way back on the head?  Sometimes peanuts can live a few weeks.  I have had them live up to 4 weeks and act normal they just looked a bit odd.  If it is just small it may just be a small rabbit.  The only thing you can do is watch it.  If you want to send pictures I believe there is a way to attach them right to the question.  If you can send a photo of the baby it would help.

Good luck


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QUESTION: images ....

It does look like a double dwarf. The ears are  set way back on the head.  These kits usually fade away early but I have seen them live up to 4 weeks.  It is very difficult to tell from the photo.  I would put some eye ointment in its eye and keep it clean.  If it is going to pull through you will most likely need to go to a vet to get some prescription eye medication.  I am going to get shanked for this but I wouldn't waste the money just yet.  If he is still continuing to grow in a couple weeks then I would take him to the vet.  It is really difficult to see his size without the other babies but from the looks of his ears he does look like a double dwarf peanut.

Good  luck