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mother & daughter fighting

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I bought a mom & daughter about 1 1/2 years ago...all was fine & once in a while they would fight but nothing to be concerned about & a day later they would be cuddling...5 days ago I noticed the mom had a torn lip...didn`t see any I seperated them for 2 days...I then reintroduced them & all h..l broke I seperated them again...neither are fixed...I am afraid to reintroduce them for fear of a another fight...what should I do?  Awating your reply...

Dear Liz,

Step One:  Have both girls spayed.  This will not only calm them and reduce their hormonal aggression, but also prevent uterine cancer, which is a very high risk in unspayed females.

Step Two:  Once they are healed and recovered, you can try to re-bond them with the helpful tips in the articles found here:

You can find an experienced rabbit vet for the spays here:

Hope this helps.