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Very Urgent

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my rex
my rex  

I am very worried because i have a male black Rex Rabbit who is about a year and a half old. He recently stopped eating his pellets doesnt poo normally his poo comes out like dry small and in very small porportions. He eats lettuce, fresh parsley in fruits apples or banana but i dont give him banana anymore its been a week. His eating habit has changes from 3 days now and i am concerned. Thank God He pees fine. Please tell me what may be the reason of this sudden change and what is the best thing for me to do. I live in CANADA scarborough and it is very hard for me to find a rabbit speacialist i have had a female 1 year old rabbit who died because of vets who didnt specialize in rabbits. Anyway please help me out because i love my rabbit and i need your help asap

thank you

ANSWER: Dear Nidz,

First, please read this for instructions on how to take his temperature and find out how to make him more comfortable:

Next, read this for instructions on what to do until you can get him to a good rabbit vet:

He may be dehydrated, or he may have molar spurs that are causing him stress/pain that are slowing down his GI tract.  Please check his diet here:

and more information about how dental problems can cause these symptoms here:

Then find a good rabbit vet here:

and get him to one that's as close as possible.  I hope this will help.


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QUESTION: thank you for a quick response..

I just bought timothy hay for him and he ate it fine then pooed a little then had some water to drink..he ran a lot as well..and i read each and every link that you gave me....some scared me to death...i really hope and pray that his illness doesnt involve GI TRACK COMPLICATIONS or any other that causes death or pain,

also found a couple of nearby exotic vets around my area...that only opens after Monday next week...please pray for my rex as i love him so much...thank you for your time and help...

ANSWER: Dear Nidz,

A GI tract problem isn't a death sentence, unless you let it go untreated.  I'm glad your bunny is feeling better.  When you get him to the vet, be sure to ask for a *molar* exam to check for spurs (a common trigger for GI tract slowdown).  

If he's eating and acting pretty normal, then it's not a life-or-death emergency.  But you don't want it to *get* to that stage, so best to have a checkup now and be sure all is in order.

Your bunny is lucky to have such a loving caregiver as you.  :)

Take care, and please write back if you have other questions.


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He is not eating his hay now and is still drinking water pee is fine..i am now trying to get him to eat parsley, kale, zuccini, romaine lettuce and apple in very small porpotions but his eating habit is not that good....he is always willing to run for his treats but i am not giving him any....the exotic vets in scarborough are on holidays until tommorow and i will try to take him to a vet tommorow but i know they will not take his x ray they will give him many medications then call me back i have been through the same situation before and all this process could be stressful for my bun...
now about his poo since hes not eating very much his poo is also in small porpotion very glued  together in dry clusters...he is having hair issues ...very itchy all the time and hair is coming out i am afraid if hes eating his hair and thats whats causing poo issues???

Dear Nidz,

All the help I can offer you, I've already sent:  Your bunny needs to be well hydrated, and your vet might be able to prescribe lactulose and subQ fluids to help with that.  Please read:

for treatments you can do without the vet.  The hair may or may not be causing the problem, but please read all the material I sent you before, because that will explain a LOT that you are asking about now.