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Bloody eye with cloudy spot
Bloody eye with cloudy  

Wound on back
Wound on back  
So I found this cute little bunny a few days ago, and have been attempting to care for him at home, but recently realized he is injured and not getting better. He has a wound on his back that I tried giving him a bath but blood just started pouring into the water so I took him out and dried him and just decided to see if he could take care of his own owie but it isn't seeming to be doing any better. There is still dried blood around the sore and it seems to be getting to be more and more with each day! And one of his eyes (pictured) has blood inside of it, as well as a white cloudy spot. Please help!!

If this bunny was found outside it is very possible that it was injured by another animal.  The most important thing you can do for this bunny is to get it to an exotic animal vet right away.

You may be able to find an exotic animal vet in your area on this list.

If you are unable to take the animal to a vet I would suggest that you look for rabbit rescues or SPCA's in your area that could take the bunny so that it can get the care it needs.  You may be able to find local rabbit rescues by searching through  You can do a search for rabbits and enter your zip-code and it should take you to the rescues that are closest to you.

Good luck.  I wish there was more I could tell you to do.