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Abnormal Fecal Matter in Bun

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Abnormal Poos
Abnormal Poos  
My 2-year old Lionhead just began having abnormal poos.  We noticed them earlier today but I thought it was just something he had mashed up but I just noticed them again (attached picture).  His appetite has been perfect and just as normal as it always is.   He did however get spinach the last two nights (which we've never given to him before, not sure if anyone else has).

The poos aren't mushy or watery, they almost looked exactly like they are normal except not formed into balls.  

Any help with my beloved bun bun is appreciated!

Dear Sandra,

Those are not poops.  They are food pellets that have become moistened (perhaps he peed on them?) and are now becoming "fluff", as they do when they get wet.  :)

Try it yourself and see.  Put a bit of water on some food pellets and you'll get the same little fluffy things you see in your picture.

Hope that helps.