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Rabbit missing hair

22 11:37:49

I have two rabbits who have been living together for over a year. One is male and the other female. The male has a large circular bald spot near his nose. The hair and whiskers are missing.

Is it possible the female is grooming him too much in this area? I have had him tested and awaiting results. If the female is the cause, is there a remedy that would not require splitting them up. The two are very well bonded and would hate to split them up.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

Amber Beatty  

Dear Amber,

Yes, it's possible that she's overgrooming him, but that's not a good reason to split them up (as you've already determined).  It might just be that she's a bit bored, and needs more free running time and distraction.  If she's not spayed, this could certainly be a cause, even if he's neutered.  Her sexual frustration could come out in this way.

You can read more about the various causes and treatments for abnormal fur loss in rabbits here:

Once you've had a chance to look that over, please write back if you have any additional questions.  Hope that helps!