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Rabbit Peeing on Couch

22 11:16:38

Hi there
Our 5 yr old litter trained rabbit has recently been peeing on our couch. She started doing this when we started to sleep on the pull out during the hot weather to be close to the AC. Is this a territorial thing? She used to pee on our bed too until she was banned from the bedroom.  How can I make her stop without taking away her couch priviledges?

Dear Karen,

It does sound as if she's marking the areas with your scent as her own.  She's the top rabbit!  

Unfortunately, there's no easy way to stop this behavior...except if she's not spayed.  If she's not spayed, then that is definitely the first step.  Please see:

and find a good rabbit vet here:

In the meantime, you can protect your couch by putting a plastic carpet runner (from Home Depot) on the place where she pees, and then covering that with a 100% cotton bath mat with traction backing (you can get zillions of different kinds at Marshall's).  Get a couple so they can be laundered and replaced without leaving the couch unprotected.

You might be able to get more tips from the folks at:

I hope this helps.