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Baby rabbit with absess on testicle

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concerned testicle
concerned testicle  
Hi, Thanks so much. A friend gave us what we thought was a girl rabbit.
She was born in April. My daughter found a big black open wound on a bump near her bottom.
After closer inspection it looks like she is a he. But I'm so concerned the left testicle is swollen and almost looks rotted with an open sore. I took a picture. Please give us some clue as to what to do.

Dear Kim,

If there is pus underneath the sore, then it is infected and needs to be treated.  The best treatment is probably to have him neutered, since this will prevent further hormone-related behaviors that you will very likely find objectionable once he reaches puberty. These include spraying, mounting, aggression, and other boy-things.  :)

Once the testicles have descended, the bunny can be neutered.  Please see:

and find a good rabbit vet here:

Hope this helps.