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QUESTION: I am trying so hard to get information, and of course, as you probably know, one person says one thing and another says something totally different...i took my baby [50 lb husky/lab mix to the vet because she had dried blood in her nose. after anesthesia and antibiotics, she began to exhibit muscle loss and some ascites. I took her to another vet and took blood work...her alt was 315 and her alkine phosphitase was 733. her birubic was slightly elevated. her abumen and her a/g ratio were a little low

there is the increased water intake and incontinence. other than that she "seems" to be fine. she has an appetite and she has energy.

her ascites has seemed to have increased, and although her stomach goes up and down faster, she does not seem to have serious trouble breathing.

i am giving her now desonyl, sam-e. milk thistle, special diet of 3 meals consisting of yogurt, carrots, artichoke hearts, sweet potatoes.

i am trying to figure out what to do. this has only been since monday that i got her blood work and then she began to fill up.

my question for you is there anything more i can do or should do for the ascites.

the vet told me she was dying and thinks it is cancer but he does not know for sure. as i said i am desperately trying to figure out what to do, and if you have any ideas at all, my  precious little girl and i would be very, very grateful!!!

thank you for caring about animals and voluntering your time

ANSWER: Hi - I am so sorry for you and Oreo.  Have they removed the fluid and tested it?  They can test the cells and see if it is CA or not.
Have they given her fluids?  How old is Oreo and have there been other problems in the Past?

Let me know..

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QUESTION: no, oreo has never, ever had any problems in the past. she was completely healthy and active and frisky. no, i called today to ask about the ascides if it was life threatening and should be aspirated, but he did not have an opinion. that is also what i was asking you if i could do anything more than i am doing to help the bloating to diminish. do you agree with the things i am doing [i do understand that if it is the big c that none of this will help], but i just wanted to know what you thought of things i am doing and what else i could do.
thank you again

Pet Nurse Marie
Pet Nurse Marie  
ANSWER: The ALT is very high: this can mean:

ALT is also important in the metabolism of nitrogen and is most often associated with the liver. High levels indicate liver damage, toxin ingestion, Cushing's disease and various metabolic disorders. Low levels indicate starvation or malnutrition.

Now, the AlKP is very high, also:
ALKP is important in metabolism and is found in liver cells. High levels indicate bile duct obstruction, Cushing's, liver disease, certain cancers and may be due to certain drugs such as steroids or phenobarbital. Low levels indicate starvation or malnutrition.

Low Albumin means:

Albumin is the major protein found in the body. It carries various substances through the blood and is important in maintaining pressure within the vessels. High levels indicate dehydration. Low levels indicate chronic inflammation, liver disease, kidney disease, starvation and blood loss.

Not good news, as you already know.  Does appear to be liver failure.  This can go on for some time.  I have known clients in liver failure for 6 months to 2 years.

Keep doing the great program of feeding and supplements, that you have already started.  
I can offer one supplement for you to add:

NuVET Plus is an immune system booster - Mix this powder into the food 2 x per day....
They have a wafer treat or a powder form of the NuVET Plus -  The powder may be better to mix into the food than giving the wafer.
NuVET also aids is healing.

Here is how to get the NuVET - Only sold thru Holistic Vets and Breeders////
You Need NuVET Plus - Powder Form / at least a 180 count...
Give two dosages per day for 2 weeks, then Just one dosage per day.

when you are ready to order -  They will get it out to you very quick... This will help to build up the immune system... CAN'T Hurt!
Here is the number and my "Pet Professional  "Code:
1-800-474-7044  ( Marie Peppers Code 81098 )
Or on line:
Marie is a Pet Nutritional consultant from the Doggie Chalet Hotel...
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QUESTION: thank you marie. i appreciate it so much that you took your time and energy to respond and provide me with all the info. the thing i really would need to have answered was my question about is the ascites. is it life threatening in and of itself? is it dangerous that she is blown up? should it be aspirated [of course, it is a weekend] IF the meds and supplements were to help, HOW LONG would you think it would take for the fluids to go down?

thank you again for your help. please help us...i am so scared for my precious oreo!!!  p.s. right now, she is crying a little [for the first time] and seems to want some food, but i do not know if i should give her anymore.

I Know how you feel!  The fluids may absorb some on it's own.  Hard to say - You can get a second opinion and have some of the fluids removed with a needle.  If you find her to be uncomfortable the fluid removal will help.  She is in a life threatening situation with her liver failure.  

As for supplements, they can take a few weeks to gain a blood level and see results.  Again, her situation doesn't sound very promising.

Give her some food if she wants it.  I would seek out another VET who may be more helpful in educating you on this disease.

I am so sorry that you don't have a very helpful vet.

Good luck to you two....
Just keep her comfortabel and pain free - If that means removing the fluid 1-2 x per week, then do it.  You need a better vet...That is the key !

Call around and get a second opinion