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What type of turtle is this

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What kind of turtle is this
What kind of turtle is  
My daughter found this turtle in our backyard, and I know it is young, but my son, who is 14 wants to keep it as a pet. I just want to make sure what type of turtle this is, and what exactly we need to do to make sure it is well cared for. Any advice you could offer would be greatly appeciated.

As a note we live in Western Kentucky.

Thank you!

It looks like a spotted turtle to me, based on the faded spots, it would seem to be fairly old. They don't grow to be very big. I would STRONGLY advise not keeping at as a pet. There is a high possibility that this species is endangered in your area. I would report it to the DNR immediately. It would be difficult for an inexperienced keeping to take care of the needs to this turtle, and keeping it will likely do more harm than good.