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What kind of turtle?

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Turtle 1
I was mowing the lawn on Friday and looked up to see this fine fellow coming to visit --- he was not at all afraid and walked up the path to my house.  He walked by the house, munched on a couple of leaves, then wandered off.  Not sure if he is someone's pet --- he seems too clean to be a wild turtle.  And not sure where he lives or if he'll return.   I hope he comes back.  I live in east Delray Beach but not really close to any waterway.  If I see him again, what should I do to make him feel welcome and safe??

Hello this is a Red foot tortosie. Youre in Delray which is not far from me. Let me know if you see him again.

He is a red foot needs moist home, fruits and vegis, loves bananas.
They can carry parasites organisms, if you are to pick it up be sure to wash your hands

You can contact e at Ill assist more.,