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Cedar and pine chips in cages

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My 8 month old bunny died yesterday and we are all devastated.  I thought I read some where that cedar and pine shavings are bad for them, yet that is what we were told at the pet store to put in.  Did these shavings kill our bunny?

Dear Erin,

I am sorry about your loss. Cedar shavings are supposed to be toxic to rabbits if they can touch it. If your rabbit was sitting in cedar shavings on a regular basis, it is possible that the bunny was poisoned by them. However, because it is the oils in cedar that harms rabbits, cedar can sometimes be used in the bottom of trays (in cages that have trays), as long as the rabbit cannot touch the shavings. Some rabbits can have allergies to it, but I do not think it would poison them if they did not touch it. I do not think pine is toxic, but it is fine in a tray.

God Bless