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bunny stroke? what are symptoms?

22 11:12:58

I have a male dutch, about 6 years old. Small. He has had problems with loss of fur between eyes and nose, but usually applying Bag Balm helps. He had this problem again then I noticed he was having problems with hind legs. I attributed it to maybe a bit of arthritis. Next day had severe head tilt, eyes not darting back and forth just kinda dull and staring. Was still eating and drinking, now he is just laying in fetal position not eating can't stand. Of course this has all happened over the weekend and cannot reach my vet til maybe monday? Anything you can tell me is greatly appreciated. He is an outside hutch rabbit, i have another rabbit a lop with tooth probs (been to vet) who is his buddy in seperate cage next to him. Right now I have him in the house in smaller cage with a towel to lie on and in a very quiet area? Will not eat or drink.

It sounds as if he has head tilt, which could have been caused by e cunniculi or some sort of inner ear infection.  You can read more about that at

The important thing is to see if you can get him to eat or drink anything.  Veggies with extra water you have put on them, a syringe of water, maybe moistened pellets.  It is important to keep him eating and drinking so tomorrow at the vet you are not having to have him hydrated in addition to whatever diagnostics they will be doing.

Generally these things are not contagious, although you can keep an eye on the other rabbit.

Head tilt takes a long time to recover from, and can be very difficult for you and the rabbit, so decide up front what your comfort level is in caring for him.  He could get worse before he gets better.