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Rabbit Health

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QUESTION: Hi! My 7 wk old rabbit isn't acting like himself. I let him run around in my sister's room for a bit today (I left food, water and his digging box in there with him and stayed in the room with him for a bit until I went out to go eat) and when I went in there to go get him he just stayed by the wall and as I bent down to get him he backed up into the corner all the way. After I put him in his cage he stayed in the same spot, shaking and hasn't ate anything and only drank a bit of his water. Then not too long ago I picked him up and he just jumped out of my arms to the ground, (which he's never done before) got on his hind legs and looked like he was having a seizure but wasn't. Maybe twitching? I'm not sure but do you think I should take him to the vet or wait until tomorrow to see if he's still the same? After he calmed down he just layed there on his side not moving with his right leg in the air a bit and his eyes were like halfway open. The people I bought him from never took him to the vet & since they didn't tell me the exact date he was born I'm guessing on his age. Hope to get an answer from you soon.

ANSWER: Keeley,

Any evidence of something being ingested? Was your sister home and maybe something happened? It's odd to see this sort of a change in behavior so quickly. Definitely keep a close eye on him and if he's not better by tomorrow I'd take him to see a vet asap.
How does his belly feel? Bloated? Any gurgling noises?

In the mean time, do you have any critical care you can syringe feed him? This will give him some nutrients and water to maybe kickstart his system.

Best of luck,


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I'm definitely keeping a close eye on him! His belly feels fine, my sister was home when I put him in her room and I'm sure he didn't eat anything. Could it be from dust that he's inhaled of something? He did go under her bed constantly a few days ago but she blocked it off today. He hasn't made any noises and I don't have any critical care to feed him. I should just wait til tomorrow then right? I really hope he's okay :/

No... dust wouldn't do this. Check under the bed - is there any of the lining missing, like maybe he ingested some of it? I have a bun that's big on deconstruction and that would be something he'd do.

I wouldn't wait and do nothing... that could spell disaster. Any baby food around? If not, I'd make a trip and get some - something healthy like peas, or perhaps a small amount of carrots or spinach (not quite as good, but may inspire your bun to eat)... just to get something in his system. I'd also look into getting a package of critical care from your vet or a pet store to keep on hand. I always keep some around just for cases like this where I have to wait out the night.