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red foot/ african spur thigh (sulcata)

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hello mark, i have a question about my and my roomates tortoises,    i have a 5 month old baby sulcata and he has a 8-9 month old red foot tortoise. Right now i am keeping her (i think its a girl) in a large tub/bin that is about 9-10 times her size, with a uvb bulb and a heat lamp, with coconut fiber substrate. i have read many books about her and i cannot find any info on weither or not she can coexist with another tortoise species. His tortoise is also in a tub about 9 to 10 times her (i think she is also a girl) size and i am curios as to if i we can keep our tortoises together in an environment that we created which consists of three connecting tubs with moss and coconut fiber substrate and with two heat lamps for two of the bins and three water dishes with two general, long, uvb bulbs. I'm sure, but not positive, they will do well for a couple months but want to be sure they will do so until i can eventually make her (the sulcata) a large wooden enclosure to live in outdoors.

The thing is that your two tortoises are the exact opposites in cares.

Red-foots are a rainforest species that likes moderate-warm temps (low to mid 80's), low light, low UVB needs, and really high humidity- 70% or more in most of the habitat and 95% in a humid hide. Their diet is leafy greens, fruit, and some meat.

Sulcatas are the opposite. As a grassland species, they like drier fibrous plants, little if any fruit, and no meat. They like temperature ranges- almost 90F in the high zone, low 80's on the cool end. They like decent humidity in a hide (especially when young) but only average in the rest of the habitat (50%-70%), higher light, and a good daily dose of UVB.

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Good luck!