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Tortoise or Turtle?

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The turtle or tortoise
I recently found a baby, or small, reptile. I'm not sure on it's species, but I would like to be clear so I can provide the correct habitat. I live in GA and I found it on land. A dog was trying to kill it. I've been searching through species of turtles and tortoises native to GA, but I haven't found a match. It's shell is dark with a yellow spot on each section of the shells pattern. It has a lumpy spine kind of thing? with yellow spots going down it. It has a very short tail and claws. I'm pretty sure it doesn't have webbed feet on it's back feet like a snapping turtle, but it's feet are so small I can't be sure. It has a few yellow spots on its neck. I'm attaching a picture of it's shell. It's poor quality and the color is off because it's taken with a webcam, haha. I can send you another one of the underside of it's shell.

hello this definatly is a  tortoise. can you send me better pix? you can send to my email this way i can lighten the pix. please send pix. it almost looks like a red foot tort.
possibly yellow foot. is ther eany color on legs?

send pix BUT move back some, i can zoom if you send me a pix.
I need the top of shell, sie view, feet in front and back, bottom she,,

if you add light behind your camera it will help.