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Cookies update

22 9:49:35

Cookie is eating lots of hay. We are feeding her 1/2 cup of her pellet food and every day we have to trick her in eating fresh veggies. Piece by piece she will eat it a good fair amount of veggies during the day. She drinks lots of water and she is almost her normal self. Hopping around the room and doing her mischief, dumping her favorite toys in her water bowl. I stopped today the Probiotics in the water because it has been 11 days since I started. Sometimes during the day some fecal pellets are moist and mushy all connected together and then a normal spray of regular pellets. Question:  Is this normal? What else you recommend for me to do for her full recovery? Oh, the fur around her neck and genital area it growing back and no more excessive grooming. She seems happy and relaxed.  Thank you for your help.

Hi Maggie:

It's great to hear from you and its great that Cookie is doing so well.
Gosh, when you first contacted me she was so very ill and now she's full of health and life again!

The mushy poops might continue for a couple more weeks.  It's the result of the antibiotics killing off the healthy bacteria in her intestines.  The probiotics you gave her will reverse that, but it takes a bit of time for things to return to 100%

You might also be giving her too much veggies.  She can have up to 1 measuring cup full a day, but no more.  I don't know if you are feeding lettuce, but if so, stopping that will help her poops firm back up.  Lettuce is high in water and low in fiber and can cause soft poops.  It was perfect when she had fur blockage, but she doesn't need it now that the blockage is gone.

Be sure she continues to get hay or orchard grass every day.

If you put the hay in 30 minutes before you feed her pellets or anything else, she should eat the hay out of hunger.  That hay is critical in preventing the fur block from happening again.

The picture of her is just gorgeous.  I did not know her breed was a Blanc de Hotot; is she a dwarf or full size variety?  

You've done an amazing job pulling her back to health and I'm sure she loves you much more for doing it.  She looks very well cared for and spoiled! :)  All rabbits should have owners as good as you.

Please let me know if I can provide any further assistance.

If you'd like, you can send me another message and mark it private and include your personal e-mail address in it and I can e-mail you mine so we can keep in touch.

Best wishes!

Lisa L.