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Guss as a baby
hey, i know rabbits can have heart attacks, ive had them all of my life and take in rabbits from small rescue centres but never have more than 3 at a time. i have recently lost my old french dwarf lop at the grand old age of 15, in the end we thought enough was enough and decided to have him put to sleep as he was getting skinny and even living in the house wasnt active at all.
but today my young lionhead rabbit Guss passed away. he was only about 1 and 1/2 years old and extremely healthy i was watching him out of my window in the hutch he was fine, but moments later he started violantly flipping around on his back and screaming. i rushed outside and rapped a towel around him and rushed him inside, he had stopped screaming at this point and was just flopped in my arms as if he was too weak to move. he died moments later. could this be a heart attack or stroke.
thanks Holly


I'm so sorry about Gus!

It could have been a heart attack, or even a grand mal seizure. Lionheads are prone to those. In either case, you did exactly what you should, and kept him comfortable.

Please let me know if there's anything I can do!