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Weight/hair loss

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I questioned hair loss on my rabbit and assumed it was just shedding, but now he has a bald spot (he had one a few weeks ago as well)The hair on his back is coming out as well...but is not bald.  I no longer think it is shedding, his hair comes out in clumps, and in no paticular pattern.  Over the past months he has lost almost 1 pound.  He did see a vet about three weeks ago, and she found nothing wrong with him.  she did a fungal on the area, and found nothing.  Any ideas to what could be causing this?  His appitite is well (for veggies at least) and his water bottle goes he is eating.  He is going to the vet again in two days, but I fear I may not be able to pay the vet bills...

This doesn't sound like anything I am familiar with.  Could something in his environment have changed?  Is he on new food?  He is chewing on paint that he didn't chew on before?  Could he be chewing on lead-based paint, or could there be mold in his food that you are not aware of?  Could there be some chemical in the carpeting that he is ingesting?

You might check either or or  

This sounds more like a toxic reaction than anything else, but it's going to be difficult to figure out exactly what is causing it without some serious detective work.

I wish you luck.

Kim for Gina