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My rabbit made a tunnel

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My two rabbits made a big hole in the yard. The hole is so big it looks like a tunnel should I cover it up or leave it that way when there out doors thay have some where to hide.

Hi Elsa,

if your enclosure doens't have metal fencing sunk 1 foot into the ground your rabbits can burrow underneath and get away from you.  You can fill the hole but they may go digging there again.  Sunken metal fencing is the only thing that will stop them.

Were you already providing something for them to hide in if they get scared?  If not, I would provide them a hiding place above ground.  A hidey box or tube they can both fit in.

Please also know that being outdoors, and digging in the dirt and grass, increases the chances they pick up bacteria and parasites.  You need to be extra vigilant in checking their health and behaviors.