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Horny rabbit

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We have just bought an 18month old male mini lop eared rabbit from a lady who was using him as breeding stud. We're not using him for a stud, just a friendly pet.
He now lives with us indoors and is very friendly. He follows us around the house scenting us with his chin and running round our feet. He also makes a snorting noise when he is excited I think.

He was spraying a lot so we have recently had him neutered at the vets. He has come back and is less horny, although if we pet or rub him too much he will eventually get over-excted and spray or squirt on us. He was neutered around a week ago.
Will this behaviour fade out with time?

Also he has decided the sofa is his favourite place to do this (and to poo).

Have you any advice to calm him down or train him to stop this?

Based on this we have named him 'Squirty'. He is a very funny bunny. Loads of character.

Cheers for your time,

Jamie and Squirty

hi Jamie he should calm down ,give it a couple of weeks and he should be more placid
pooing on a sofa is not nice so i would try to keep him off it .
go online and look for litterbox training for rabbits there are plenty of sites.
he may be ok to train but as he has been a stud rabbit it may be difficult for him to change his ways.