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Baby Red Foot, Eyes

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I have had my 2 babies for 6 months now.  I live in St. Pete, Fl and keep them on the screened in porch in a clear plastic storage container with cypress substrate.  They have been very active and healthy.  (I have had boxers and res for 10 years now).  I brought them in when we had a cold snap and used a heat lamp inside.  We recently changed the bedding to fir reptile bedding as we could not locate the cypress.  One of the babies is keeping his eyes closed and I noticed that they are watering when opened.  I got some eye drops at the pet store for turtles and that seemed to help but now I am noticing them watering again.  I have not noticed any bubbling from the nostrils and they are both eating and moving around very well.  I would take them to a vet by our vets do not specialize in turtles or tortoises and would be guessing.  Thanks for any help you can provide.

Hi Laurie,

Young redfoots need a high moisture substrate.  Watering eyes is typically a sign of being too dry.  The fir may be irritating their eyes, too.  I use sphagnum moss (long strand, also known as orchid moss which you can get at Lowe's), and tilt the enclosure up at one end so water collects at the warmer end and it's nice and boggy.  I pour about a quart of warm water into the enclosure every other day.  I would change out the substrate to the orchid moss and make sure it stays warm and moist.  That should take care of the eye problems.  Good luck!