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Pulling clumps of fur out?

22 11:09:16

My roommate and I recently got two rabbits from the local animal shelter, both are suppose to be females and were housed together before we adopted them.  We were also told that they  had bonded and were friends.  Now one seems to have become somewhat anti-social with the other one.  Not wanting to play and trying to get away from her.  Today we saw that the anti-social rabbit is pulling clumps of fur out.  We are at a total lost as to why her behavior has changed.  What are some reasons this has occurred?  

Hi Liz,

she's either stressed out from the other rabbit, and/or pregnant.  Hopefully the shelter can confirm for you they were both fixed, this can rule out pregnancy.  

If that is the case, then the stress of being in a new house, with new food, new sounds and smells, plus the other rabbit, is stressing her out.  It may be best to separate them and let her acclimate to everything first, then try to re-bond them if possible.

Write back anytime.  Lee