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Vet referral NZ

22 11:20:05

Hi Dana,

I just wondered if you had had any luck locating a NZ rabbit vet?
the rabbits seem to be perfectly happy, but I'd like to take them for
a check up and find out why Huxley (mushy cecotropes rabbit) has
a wet tail from time to time.



Hi, Sarah

Our Down Under contact, Lara Nettle, doesn't know of any rabbit vets in NZ, unfortunately.  You might have to cultivate a vet who is good otherwise, and willing to learn more about rabbits.  For the wet tail problem, this article is a good place to start:

Common causes of cecal dysbiosis are improper diet:

and dental pain:

Also for the vet:

Please feel free to print and share anything from our web site with a good vet.  It might be up to you to "train" a good vet in your area so your bunnies will have proper medical help when necessary.

I wish I could do more!