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Fur pulling and biting

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I have had two rabbits from the same litter for nearly a year. They are both female and up until now have been best friends. A few weeks ago Smartie started pulling the fur out from the Button's's got so bad that she's biting the skin now.  Button's is doing the same back to Smartie now but not to the same extent. They also seem to be trying to mate with each other. Do I need to separate them?
Many Thanks

Hi Fiona

If they aren't spayed then it is best to either get them spayed or separate them when they fight.  It is really hard to bond un-spayed rabbits.  You may not be able to let them together unless you are right there with them.  They are both sexually mature now and there hormones are raging.  If they fight when they are together separate them immediately.  If they are just mounting that is ok.  If they start to circle or bite each other try spraying them with a water bottle.  They should take a time out to wash their faces.  The best thing to make them love each other again is to take them for a car ride.  Put them together for the ride and keep an eye on them.  They will most likely forget that they were mad at each other and turn to each other for comfort.

The absolute best thing you can do is get them fixed.  Not only will it be easier to keep them together but they will be much more friendly overall.  Spayed rabbits also have a better chance of a longer life.  It has been reported that as many of 80% of non-spayed doe's will die from uterine or ovarian cancer.

If you need anything else please let me know

Thank you