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I spank my bunny but he got afraid of me and I don't lik that so I stopped but he is still doing binkies and jumping on me he doesn't chase me or run around me in circles anymore he gets jumpy every time I move when I come near him he runs away and this is my first bunny and he is a adult when we got him.

Hi Alaya

Sorry for the delay in replying to you.

Unfortunately rabbits do not respond well to physical punishment. They do not understand they've done anything wrong and only become fearful of you. Chances are they're being punished for something they do naturally! In some cases rabbits will even become fear aggressive and start biting and lunging when people come close.

They do respond to a sharp "no" when they're doing something they shouldn't though. My two certainly know they've been naughty, such as trying to get to places that have been fenced off, if I say their name sharply, they look at me like "what?? I weren't doing NUFFIN!".  

You will need to go back to square one and win his trust back. Sit on the floor with him and when he comes near you reward him with a little something yummy. He'll start to associate your hands with good things instead of punishment and pain.

Circling is a hormonal thing often, if he hasn't been neutered they will circle feet out of sexual frustration.

To learn about bunny body language, have a read here:

Good luck!