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my rabbit gave birth

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QUESTION: My rabbit gave birth Wednesday last week, and i know about the double pregnancy that they can have. Its Sunday now and I've realized she been ripping out her fur again, now I'm not sure if she's still pregnant or is she doing this to still keep the babies warm?

ANSWER: Hi Kimberly

It is really hard to tell.  Chances are that if it is a double pregnancy the second set of babies won't survive.  Once they give birth they usually don't pull more hair.  In fact they generally won't go near their nest except at feeding time.  The babies actually take care of themselves.  If they are cold they all burrow together and dig deeper.  If they are to hot they wiggle to the top.  If you want to see something neat try moving all the babies to the other side of the box.  Within a few minutes they will all have wiggled back together.  I check my babies every day and I count them to make sure none have died.  I put them all to one end of the box while I am counting.  Half the time the one's I have moved have already wiggled back to the original pile before I get them all checked.

Just keep an eye on her.  If she has a second set of babies just do what you can to protect them.  Make sure you watch her really close.  Having a double pregnancy is really hard on the doe.  She could have some problems and may need to go to the hospital if she shows any signs of distress.

Unless you want to take her in for an Xray there isn't really much you can do other than keep an eye on her.  I have never seen a doe pull more fur during a 2nd pregnancy but I have also not personally had very many double pregnancies because my rabbits are all kept separate.  She may be just confused or having a false pregnancy.  

If she were mine I would just keep an eye on her.

Good luck and if the babies do come and you need more help please let me know.  They might need supplemental feedings if the mom doesn't have enough milk.

Thank you


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QUESTION: Thank you so much. And i will keep an eye on her. But I have another question, after she gave birth, she been sneezing alot, could she be allergic to her kids?
ANSWER: Hi Kimberly

I doubt she is allergic to her kits but she could be allergic to the nesting material.  If you have straw or any wood chips in there that she isn't used to it could cause an allergy.  I actually have a rabbit that is allergic to wood chips.

She could also have a cold.  Rabbits can get colds.  The other thing you need to worry about is that she could be a snuffles carrier.  If she suddenly got sick after having a stressful situation (pregnancy) it is very possible.  A little sneeze with clear discharge is usually not an indicator of snuffles.  If she has white icky looking discharge then she needs to go to a vet for treatment so that all the babies don't get sick as well.

Good luck


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QUESTION: Thanx, i will keep that in mind. Um well i have her a bath yestursday, the bunny bath shampoo, i toweled dried her,blowed dried her and let her outside for a bit. Thats when the day after she has been sneezing alot.Also y would the babies die if the mother gives a second birth ( double pregnacy )?

Hi Kim

Bunnies don't really need baths.  They are very good at grooming themselves.  It is kind of traumatizing for them to be put in water so I really wouldn't advice giving baths.  The bunny shampoo might very well have caused her sneezing episodes.  When my bunnies need to be washed I use non-scented baby wipes.  The only place I ever really need to wash is their genital area's and sometimes their ears.  

When rabbits have a double pregnancy the first set of babies in the first uterine horn have already started to develop and taking up space.  When the eggs in the other uterine horn start to develop at a later time they don't have enough room to grow properly.  I am not saying it always happens but the 2nd group is usually under developed.  

I hope this has helped.. and I hope your bunny gets over her cold really quick.