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Hair loss/ large brown spot on bunny back

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Spot on bunny a back
Spot on bunny a back  

The thinning hair spot
The thinning hair spot  
I've noticed a spot on my rabbits  back that looks like it was thinning. I haven't thought much about it, because all my pet are shedding . But today I noticed a large dark brown spot, about the size of a quater . It's flat and soft, feels like some hair is starting to grown there. He's a in door bunny, and he's eatting and drinking fine even still playing with his toys. I haven't let him out of his cage as offen as I used to in the past, do you think he's board and over grooming himself. Or should I visit my vet? He's 3 years old and I've never had a problem with him before. Not sure what to do?

Dear Charlotte,

This looks like a spot where the fur fell out (mosquito or flea bite?  another rabbit grooming him too much?  fur plucked out?), but is growing in normally.  It doesn't look alarming to me.  Just keep an eye on it, and I'll bet it is normal in a week or so.

For information on some causes and treatments of abnormal fur loss in rabbits, please see:

Hope that helps.