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Room temperature

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Hi Anastasia,

I've been thinking about getting a rabbit. The room that the rabbit would be kept in tends to change temperature a lot. On hot days, the room can get very warm (though A/C will be turned on soon), and in winter, it can get very cold in there, sometimes 50 degrees (it's not heated - I use a space heater when I'm home but don't like to leave it on when I'm gone).

Would that be okay for a rabbit? I'm worried the frequent temp. changes will kill it, or at least stress it out.

my bunny
my bunny  
Temp changes dont matter.
our bunnies are in different temps all day!
Rabbits prefer temps ranging from 50-90 degrees.

My bunny is Russian (she's a baby Russian angora)
And we are in Arizona its very hot.
and in our home it gets to be cold hot whatever temp and she's just fine.

a hardy rabbit would do good in that condition, like a rex rabbit,or a drawf.
maybe a lop and if the A/c is on a angora makes a perfect choice!

Best bunny wishes!