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Introduing a new rabbit into an already occpied home and spaying

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I've had my rabbit since February of this year, she was a baby when I got her, and up until the past couple weeks, she was a happy normal easy going rabbit. But recently she has done a 180 with her attitude. She will grunt and charge and pounce us for really no apparent reason. Things like petting, moving her toys, or even picking up her stray droppings (which never used to be an issue), are all of a sudden unforgiveable acts. I was wondering if it could possibly be a puberity stage and if I should have her fixed. And as a side question, I just purchased a new rabbit today and attempted to introduce them in a neutral spot in my house where neither are allowed and almost immediately my older rabbit was intensely aggresive towards the other. Both are female and not that far apart in age. Do you think fixing my older one now would help the situation at all?

Hi Doug

I can almost assure you that your precious little angel has hit puberty.  The only way to fix it is to either have her fixed or breed her (which I am sure you don't want to do).  I think your best bet is to get her fixed as these are all signs of a hormonal bunny.

If you really want to bond them they will probably both need to be fixed.  The new one may not have reached puberty yet since they all develop at different stages.  The problem with un-spayed doe's is that even if they are nice and sweet now they can turn on you in a second.  Before long she might be doing the same thing your other one is doing.

There is no rule that says bunnies have to be bonded and they can happily spend their lives apart.  The only problem is that you will have to form a bond with them.  Most people don't have all day to stay home and play with their rabbits.  I don't usually bond mine but I only work a few days a week and I have a big enough house that they can all have their own area.  At night I spend at least an hour with each of my own rabbits.  If I skip our play time they become very depressed and angry with me and then pee where they aren't supposed to.  

It is really in their best interest to both be fixed and bonded.  That way if you can't spend time with them every day then they at least have each other.  It really has to be your decision though.  I really have to tell you honestly that I just can't stand doe's.  I have had some rescued doe's in the past that had been spayed and were perfect angels but I have never had an un-spayed doe in my house.  Maybe its a girl thing but they drive me nuts.

I am attaching a web-site.   It helps explain bonding  bunnies.  Since yours are obviously for loving pets you can skip over the whole breeding and showing sections.

Good luck and I hope your little stinker gets over her attitude soon.