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Our new albino rabbit...

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I just bought my daughter our first rabbit, which happens to be an albino rabbit, named it Snowball..(bet you didn't see that coming. Well anyways, i have been feeding it carrots and lettuce, and i was wondering if this was good for it's diet?

I certainly hope you are feeding the bunny besides carrots and lettuce.  Carrots are actually very starchy  and to many carrots can cause a disruption in their very fragile Gastrointestinal systems.  As for lettuce any iceberg lettuce can cause diarrhea and has no nutritional value at all.

I suggest a diet of high quality timothy hay and a small amount of high quality pellets such as those from Oxbow.  You can supplement the diet with rabbit safe veggies but there are many veggies that you should only use sparingly, carrots being one of them.

I suggest the following site to read about feeding your rabbit properly:

The diet articles are near the top.  It will give you all sorts of information on a diet that will keep your bunny healthy.  The site also gives you a lot of information on caring for your new bunny.

Snowball is a very beautiful bunny but I can see from the photo that the bottom of her cage is wire.  Rabbits are very susceptible to getting sore feet and I strongly encourage that you either get a cage that has a solid bottom or that you get some sort of resting mat for her to sit on to keep her from getting sore hocks.  I will attach a link to a store where we get our resting pads.

I am very happy that you are trying to be a responsible bunny parent.  Please feel free to ask any of the experts here if you have any further questions.

Good luck with your new pet


we use the relax resting boards. With your cage you will need a few of them. Of course once you get your bunny litter trained you can try a fleece bed such as the ones found here: