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mites or fleas...? Help PLEASE

22 10:27:43

we notied that our rabbit has a bald spot on the top of his head and we've
noticed just the smallest amount of dandruff or dry skin.  after further
examination, my husband saw a small black bug. he tried to grab it but the
bug ran away into the denser part of the rabbit's fur. we have a vet
appointment with our usual doctor on wed. my husband is freaking out and
wants to bring him to an emergency vet today or Monday or run out to a pet
store and start buying flea and/or mite medicine (advantage comes to mind,
but it apparently doesn't kill mites, only fleas and we're not sure what this is).
I'd like to wait to see the vet on Wed.
Can we wait until Wed.? Today is Saturday
My bunny still has a healthy appetite, but does seem to be uncomfortable
and scratching.


don't get any meds for fleas, especially when you're freaking out about it.  There are many that will kill rabbits, and even the ones relatively safe for them, if you are too stressed you can have an accident and give too much, can still kill them.  Plus you are uncertain exactly what he has, although I would hazard an armchair guess it's fleas, from the small description you give.

Right now the best thing to do is get a flea comb, and comb him out.  It will also feel good to him.  You will be able to comb out adult fleas and eggs.  Make sure to kill them all by getting them off the comb into isopropyl alcohol.

Get him to your regular vet first thing Monday.  Make sure they are a good rabbit vet so that they don't accidentally give him something that is fatal.  To find a good rabbit vet if you need to start here:

and find a House Rabbit Society recommended vet near you.

You also will need to wash all bedding and materials he is in in hot water with some bleach.  Cage and such will need washing in a solution with some bleach in it.  The carpets need to be vacuumed well and if possible steam cleaned.  You have to do this to get the eggs and larvae.