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Rabbit urinating outside litter box

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Very large white male rabbit
Very large white male  

Very large white male rabbit
Very large white male  
When I adopted Maxwell he used his litter box all the time. I recently had him neutered and I believe it was after that that he has been uriniting on the floor. I can't be sure of the exact timing. He and his mate Annabelle get along very well and his spraying has stopped completely. What could be causing this change?

Dear Carol,

It's wise to first rule out any medical reasons.  Please take him to a rabbit-savvy vet (not necessarily the one who did the neuter, just in case something happened during the neuter that might cause this) and have a full check and be sure to let the vet know this started only since the neuter.  It might be coincidence, but wise to check.

Several different things could cause this, and you can get an overview here:

Hope this helps.