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A Threesome!

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I wonder if you can give me some advice, I have a 3yr neutered male dwarf lop who is very laid back and gentle, His 'wife' died a while ago and I am looking for a new partner for him. I have contacted a lady locally who runs a 'rabbit rescue' and she has a 5yr neutered female who might be suitable, or a pair of 2yr old neutered female lionhead sisters. I would like some thoughts and comments on how you think introducing 2 new girls to 'Barry' might be? As the 2 females are already bonded will they then bond with a 3rd rabbit? I can't find much information on the internet about threesome bunny groups, only pairs.
The lady has suggested I take Barry over to see her and try out a few introductions, is this a good idea? Any advice would be greatfully recieved

You might try this FAQ -

The principle will be the same, except that you are introducing one other rabbit to him and not 2 (if you try the pair).

There isn't a lot of info on trying to bond multiple rabbits, but it works the same way as for pairs.  I have had a fivesome and a threesome, and Gina has a threesome.  So it can be done.  

Unfortunately the only way to find out if they will like each other is to introduce them, so her idea of taking Barry over there is a good idea.  

You could also subscribe to Etherbun ( or Petbunny ( any number of people who have rabbits will be happy to offer advice and assistance.  If you haven't already subscribed to either list, they are also social and support lists where you can say things that your family or coworkers never want to hear about your bunny.

I hope Barry enjoys whoever his new friend turns out to be.