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bunnie human bond?

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I have a question that has no bearing in science--I think anyway....Almost a year ago I lost the love of my life, my 12 yr old Bunkie who was lucky enough to have had nothing ever seriously wrong with her. She had two bunny bindings she liked a lot and the other one she loved in a motherly way and it was another female! At first I had the 3 and I thought Bunkie wanted to kill the little one whom she later adopted. When her first one died she couldn't have cared less. When the small female went she looked so sad. She sniffed around the body but did not go near the face. She looked at me, then Iggy, me Iggy and finally hopped away asking me with her beautiful eyes and swiveling ears. Why is she gone? I quickly scooped up Iggy and placed her in a blanket on top of a shelf. At that time she hared a huge room with two cats who had feline leukemia. Bunkie was my only non rescue bun and last year I believe she caught pneumonia, the symptoms of which went undetected by me so she was really obvious by the time I scooped her up and took her to my mothers'. I had to use the bathroom bad so my mom held her. When I came back Bunkie was scrambling down to th floor and I saw her hop a few paces before falling over. My best friend was also there and he said he tried to steady her but her attendtion was on me. All on me. She leaned up, eyes seeming to call to me to get her. I held her to my heart and ran to the spare room to lay down quietly with her. She wriggled off me and went to the bridge. I have never looked at a buns' face in death but for some reason something held me together so I could give her some kisses onher pretty peaceful looking face. I got up and was able to delegate jobs to people, get a shovel get the car, I put her in a silk scarf with pellets and pretty moonstones. I do that when buns leave and I am there to witness. She is interned in a public place so I cannot elaborate. In life, I felt sad because Bunkie didn't seem to love me as much as she did other lago-morphs. She'd capitulate and let me cuddle her. I always tried to give her a real bunny. If they didn't bond I kept on the new bun to be fair to the bun by not moving them around again. I thought the proximity of another bun would serve to stave off any sadness. They'd nose each other thru the bars. One week after Bunkie went to the bridge, I was sitting looking at an empty bunny pen. I forgot to say that long before B left me, her former friend Taco, the boy bun would appear as a flash of black silver marten ghost bunnie. I say it was that because I never saw him, just a fast black shadow, then gone. That night, Bunkie punched me on the ankle as she often did. I never saw Taco or Bunkie again. Do you have any insights on these events? Thanks, Teri

Dear Teri,

I am very sorry for the loss of your beloved bunny.  At the end, it sounds as if she was in distress because she could not breathe.  But at least she died with you, the one human she trusted the most of all.   It was a great gift you gave her.