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From Philippines to Texas

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I have a 1 1/2 year old male Miniature Pincher.
We will be traveling from Manila, Philippines to Hong Kong(for transit) to San Francisco( to clear customs and transit again) our final destination being Houston, Texas. We have already made our flights for June 1st, We will be taking Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong, and United Airlines the rest of the way. Should I have alerted the airlines that I would be bringing a pet before I scheduled my flight?  I would greatly appreciate any advice you can give me.
Thank you

Yes.  You should MOST certainly advise BOTH airlines.  I am surprised Cathay Pacific did not
say something to you.  Hong Kong can be very difficult regarding pet transfers, especially, when
two different airlines are involved.  Is the dog to travel as excess baggage or cargo?
Suggest you also contact some pet shippers in HK just for updated info.  Visit:
Why did you not travel PR from MNL to SFO or LAX  direct non-stop?  Thus, avoiding HK
May be that you might end up shipping dog as cargo from MNL by him self..... If this must occur
let me know and I will give you some directions
Regards, Jerry