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Feeding pattern for my RES

22 16:04:04

Hi. I need to know a couple of things about my red ear slider. I have him since a year but i'm not sure about his age. His shell measures three and a half inches. Can that tell me how old is he? Secondly, I feed him twice a day since I have him, on a 12 hourly basis. I want to know if that feeding pattern is correct or should I adjust? In the morning I feed him with 1/4 tsp of dried worms and in the evening with 1/4 tsp of pellets. Am I overfeeding him? And how do I adjust his feed as he grows?

Hello Id venture tosay that he is slightly over a yr? It is hard to tell as First I am unaware f the care that he is getting UVB outside temps, etc.
ALso as far as feeding it is fine offer a variety of foods. Give him fresh greens and feeder fish as well. offer a varitey to keep him healthy
Are you using any suppliments?