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GI Statis ?

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Female/age 3yrs/house rabbit/open cage free in large room properly protected/single pet/Notice her not eating much and less and less fecal pellets and hunched in a ball. After three days of not been herself took her to the vet. Vet told me she did not seem to have any obstruction but her vaginal and anal glands were swollen and she had groomed away a large amount of fur and was in pain. He gave me cat lax and dermalone ointment twice a day and 1cc of mineral oil and simethicone once a day and patience. I have followed instructions her inflammation has gone down not completely. She started eating but not much, she drinks water once or twice and after 4 days has started irregular fecal pellets little bit not much. Today she went back to original state hardly eating just had water and bits of hay hiding under bed. Tomorrow is one week I took her to vet. Should I continue treatment, have patience, I love her so much HELP!

Hi Maggy:

I apologize for not answering sooner.  I had a family emergency (my 5 year old daughter was hospitalized) and was away from home for several days.

When the vet told you she did not have an obstruction, was it based on x-rays, or just a physical exam.

What you describe sounds like a case of wool block and can only be ruled out by x-rays; a physical exam wont find it.

Did the vet actually give you a diagnosis of GI stasis?

The symptoms of her not eating and being hunched up as well as having swollen genitals seem to indicate a blockage.  The rabbit will strain to pass fecal matter and when it cant, it will result in swollen genitals.

Since it is molting season, there's a good chance that she's over-groomed herself and has a fur ball (wool block) in her intestines.

The first thing you should do is stop all pellets.  Feed her only fresh orchard grass or timothy hay #not alfalfa hay#.  Pellets will only back up in her.  Second - go to the grocery store and buy some fresh papaya and get some pineapple.  The pineapple can be canned.  Feed her small amounts of pineapple and papaya each day along with her hay (no pellets) and unlimited water of course.  

If it is wool block and hasn't gone too long, the papaya and pineapple will clear it.

I'm very curious if the vet did x-rays or not, please let me know.  If he did not do x-rays and said she had no obstruction based on a physical exam and she's had a fur blockage all along, it may be to the point where she needs surgery.

Please let me know.

Lisa L.